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160 Rice Balls R$41,90 NEW!
rice balls deep fried filled with cheese and bacon

161 Dadinho De Tapioca R$32,90 NEW!
cubes of tapioca (traditional brazilian manioca flour) with cheese, accompanied by pepper jelly

162 Oxtail Croquette R$35,90 NEW!
croquettes made with oxtail meat, breaded, deep fried and served with brown mustard sauce

163 Flank Steak Croquette R$35,90 NEW!
croquettes made with flank steak cooked with beer, breaded, deep fried and accompanied by brown mustard sauce

102 Fillet with Blue Cheese Sauce R$64,90
Delicious cubed fillet with blue cheese sauce, chips and sliced bread

404 Top Sirloin Cap and Fries R$64,90
delicious top sirloin cap cut in strips cooked with onions, accompanied by french fries, vinaigrette dressing and farofa*
*manioc flour toasted in butter

123 Fillet and Fries R$64,90
sliced mignon fillet cooked with oliver oil and garlic, accompanied by
french fries

112 Jerked Rumpsteak with Manioc R$62,90
jerked rumpsteak cut in strips, with manioc cooked with butter, accompanied by sliced bread

103 Flank Steak on Beer Sauce R$51,90
Flank steak cooked on dark beer sauce, with sliced bread

110 Jerked Beef with Manioc R$52,90
jerked beef cut in strips with fried manioc

111 Ribs with Polenta R$52,90
pork ribs roasted in the oven with fine herbs with fried polenta (fried pasta made of corn flour, typical of Italian cuisine) and barbecue sauce

409 Pork Sausage R$45,90
sliced pork sausage fried with onions, iried manioca and french fries, accompanied by rose sauce

104 Polenta with Calabrese Pork Sausage R$41,90
fried pasta made of corn flour, typical of Italian cuisine, accompanied by a delicious sauce made with calabrese pork sausage e cheese

124 Kieber R$47,90
chicken fillet filled with ham and cheese, served with deliciuos Divino’s Sauce

405 Cubed chicken in Divino’s Sauce R$44,90
cubed chicken breaded with delicious Divino’s sauce

152 Divino’s Tilapia R$48,90
tilapia fish fillets baked and fried with Divino’s sauce

157 Tilapia fish in Tartar Sauce R$48,90
tilapia fillet cut in strips and baked in delicious Divino’s sauce accompanied by tartar sauce

158 Torresmo Divino R$28,90
pork belly deep fried, crunchy and sliced

121 Fried Scarlet Eggplant R$26,90
breaded and sliced scarlet eggplant deep fried

122 Fried Scarlet Eggplant with beef livers R$34,90
breaded and sliced scarlet eggplant deep fried with delicious beef livers

114 Fries, Bacon and Cheddar R$38,90
french fries with bacon and melted cheddar cheese

113 French Fries R$27,90
delicious and tasty french fries

Homemade PastéIs

thin pastry envelope, with different fillings, deep fried.

200 Meat R$336,90

201 Chicken R$36,90

202 Cheese R$36,90

220 Calabrese R$36,90

203 Codfish R$38,90

204 Crab R$38,90

206 Shrimp with Catupiry Chesse R$38,90

207 Jerked beef with Catupiry Cheese R$38,90

208 Chicken with Catupiry Cheese R$38,90

215 Carne com Catupiry R$38,90

209 Frango com Palmito R$38,90

221 Calabresa com Queijo R$38,90

Pastries and savories

thin pastry envelope made with corn flour
210 Meat R$36,90
(10 units)

211 Cheese R$36,90
(10 units)

Extra Sauce

380 Divino
381 Ranch
382 Rose
384 Spicy
386 Honey Mustard
384 Spicy Sauce
386 Honey Mustard


170 Beans
171 Green Soup

Mini Balls

300 Ribs Mini Balls R$43,90
(6 units)

301 Cod Fisch Mini Balls R$43,90
(15 units)


400 Meat Carpaccio R$39,90
sliced meat, sauce, cheese, aragula and bread

Divino's Main Course

(our dishes serves up to two people)

501 Fillet Mignon Parmegiana R$95,90
breaded fillet gratin with tomato sauce and cheese, accompanied by rice and mashed potatos

508 Kichen Parmegiana R$84,90
chicken fillet gratin with tomato saude and cheese, accompanied by rice and mashed potatos

502 Grilled Top Sirloin R$96,90
sliced top sirloin with farofa*, french fries, pea rice and vinaigrette dressing
*manioc flour toasted in butter

505 Jecked Top Sirloin R$96,90
jerked top sirloin, accompanied by rice, manioca on butter and salad

507 Fillet with Egg R$93,90
delicius fillet covered with fried egg accompanied by french fries, rice, farofa* and salad
*manioc flour toasted in butter

653 Steak Divino R$98,90
fillet mignon steaks on madeira sauce with mushroons, accompanied by piemontese rice and potato chips

Half portions costs 70% of the regular dishes prices.

Extra Portions!

511 Fillet Mignon Steak on Blue Chesse Sauce R$98,90
fillet mignon on traditional blue cheese sauce, accompanied by spaghetti cooked with butter

506 Grilled Chicken R$69,90
chicken filet with french fries, tomatoes rice and salad

554 Divino’s Tilapia Fish R$89,90
delicious breaded tilapia fish fillet, served with shrimp rice and salad

555 Grilled Tilapia Fish R$79,90
grilled tilapia fillet with our special capers sauce, brocolli rice and sauté vegetables

652 Feijoada Divina (Black Beans Meal) R$92,90
only on saturdays

served on typical clay pot, this meal is made of cooked black beans, jerked meat, pork feet, pork tail, large pork sausage, pork spareribs and pork tenderloin. This is served with white rice, farofa, fried banana, cabbage, pork crackling (toasted pork belly) and sliced orange.

562 Rabada only on sundays R$81,90
oxtail slowly cooked with spices and herbs, served with manioc cooked on the butter, fresh rocket salad and rice


600 Rocket Salad R$26,90
rocket salad with tomato, palm heart, blue cheese with balsamic sauce and honey

601 Caesar Salad R$28,90
letuce, cheese and croutons with caesar sauce, accompanied by grilled chicken cut in strips

602 Divino Salad R$26,90
mixed green salad, carrot and palm heart with balsamic sauce and honey

Grilled fillet to accompany the salads
(average weight: 220g)

1020 Fillet R$ 22,90
1021 Chicken R$ 15,90
1023 Tilapia Fish R$ 19,90
1025 Top Sirloin R$ 23,90

Kids Dishes

650 Meat R$27,90
grilled beef, mashed potatos or french fries,
rice and beans

651 Chicken R$25,90
grilled chicken, mashed potatos or french fries, rice and beans

654 Nuggets R$25,90
spaghetti bolognese, accompanied by six chicken nuggets

1004 Farofa* R$5,90
1007 Vinaigrette R$5,90
1008 Fried Egg R$5,90
1003 Rice R$10,90
1005 Beans R$10,90

1009 Mashed Potatos R$10,90
1010 Vegetable Sauté R$10,90
1011 Broccoli Rice R$12,90
1012 Pea Rice R$12,90
1013 Piemontese Rice R$12,90


Petit Gateau + Ice cream R$21,90
Brownie + Ice cream R$21,90
Ice cream R$14,90

Nutella Special

Pieces of brownie , Nutella®, icecream, strawberry and strawberry syrup c R$29,90

Originale's Popsicle

Check the options
with the waiter - from R$5,90 to R$9,90


842 Expresso Coffee(atento) R$5,90
843 Expresso Coffe (ameno) R$5,90


988 Brahma 600 ml R$13,90
913 Brahma 350 ml R$8,90
914 Brahma 200 ml R$6,90
1900 Colorado Appia 600 ml R$19,90
1900 Colorado Appia 350 ml R$11,90

House's Beer

913 Divino Pilsen R$23,90

Beers 600ml

981 Stela Artois (550ml) R$10,90
915 Original R$9,90
1052 Serra Malte R$9,90
982 Budweiser (550 ml) R$9,90
983 Brahma Extra Lager R$9,90
984 Skol Puro Malte R$9,90
916 Brahma R$8,90
917 Skol R$8,90

Long Neck

1050 Corona R$10,90
918 Stella Artois R$7,90
921 Malzbier R$6,90
922 Brahma Zero R$6,90
923 Budweiser R$7,90
985 Brahma Extra Lager R$7,90

Craft Beer

heat beer, crystalline color, light flavor, refreshing and slightly fruity aroma.

Crystalline wheat beer, light taste, refreshing and fruity aroma. It has abundant foam, white and creamy.

ABV 5,0% - BRAZIL Velvety foam and 3 exotic types of hops and yeast. Golden color. Fruity and herbal aroma. Gold medal at the South Beer Cup 2012, Brazilian Beer Festival and voted as the best in the world by the World Beer Awards.

9908.WALS WITTE 600ML R$31,90

Union of wheat beers with spices, create a soft taste with bitter bottom. Its aroma is spicy and its refreshment is ideal for hot days. Gold medal in Bière Beer and silver at the Brazilian Beer Festival.

9922 COLORADO APPIA 600ML R$29,90
Pioneer in Brazil using honey. Made from the best barley, malted wheat and yeast from high fermentation. Sweet, full bodied and refreshing.

9923.COLORADO INDICA 600ml R$29,90
A special touch of rapadura. Elected by the magazine Prazeres da Mesa the Beer of the Year and still received 3 stars in the Pocket Beer Guide.

9931.NORTENA 960ML R$31,90
Barley selected from the Uruguayan pampas. Discreet aroma of hops and fruit, fine bitterness, soft and little persistent.

Cor acobreada, sabor equilibrado do malte e lúpulo. Aroma de caramelo, bom corpo, ação antioxidante natural e formação de espuma.

ABV 5,9% - The U.S.A.
Hops with a fruity aroma, triggered by a medium dry malt and long hop finishing.

Soft Drinks

R$6,90 cada
807 Guaraná
808 Guaraná Zero
809 Pepsi
810 Pepsi Light
811 Soda Lemonade
812 Soda Lemonade Zero
836 H20 Lemon (500ml)
813 Sukita Orange
814 Tônica
815 Tônica Zero
818 Citrus Antártica
816 Water
817 Sparkling Water

Italian Soda

R$8,90 cada

840 Sicilian Lemon
841 Green Apple
837 Blackberry
838 Tangerine
839 Cranberry

Grape Juice

R$11,90 cada


R$5,90 cada
sparkling or regular

Pink Limonade

845 Cold water, lemon juice and cranberry juice


R$6,90 cada
800 Orange
801 Lemon
802 Pineapple
803 Passion Fruit
805 Strawberry
825 Mango
826 Acerola
827 Graviola
828 Guava

R$8,90 cada
804 Pineapple with mint
806 Strawberry and Orange
829 Strawberry and lemon
830 Strawberry and Pineapple
831 Pineapple and Orange
832 Acerola and Orange
833 Acerola and Strawberry


R$17,90 cada


9236 Red Label R$18,90
924 Black Label R$23,90
925 Jack Daniel’s R$21,90

Ice and Energy Drink

926 Smirnoff Ice R$12,90


930 Campari R$10,90
933 Bacardi Silver R$11,90
935 Tequila Silver R$18,90
936 Tequila Gold R$18,90
100 Gin Tanqueray R$22,90


9070 Absolut Bottle
+ 4 cans of Red Bull R$275,90
9230 Red Label Bottle
+ 4 cans of Red Bull R$275,90
9240 Black Label Bottle
+ 4 cans of Red Bull R$359,90


900 Graviola R$6,90
902 Ginger R$6,90
903 Passion Fruit R$6,90
904 Coconut R$6,90


990 Germana R$12,90
1032 Princesa Isabel Prata R$12,90
991 Salinas R$10,90
909 Seleta R$9,90

912 Cachaça Divina R$6,90
911 Busca Vida R$14,90
1001 Bananinha R$10,90


906 Smirnoff (shot) R$13,90
907 Absolut (shot) R$18,90


905 Salton Brut (bottle) R$70,90


880 Clericot Divino R$97,90
1 bottle of sparkling dry wine, sliced fruits, orange liqueur and ice

937 Mojito R$19,90
national rum, mint and lemon juice

882 Aperol R$25,90
Aperol, orange slices, sparkling wine and sparkling wine

887 Cosmopolitan R$21,90
vodka, suco de limão, tripsec e cranberry

941 Mimosa R$23,90
sparkling wine and orange juice

944 Traditional Margarita R$24,90
tequila, lemon juice and liqueur triple sec

945 Margarita Frozen R$24,90
tequila, lemon juice and liqueur triple sec

946 Piña Colada R$20,90
national rum, pineapple juice, coconut milk

948 Sex on the Beach R$19,90
national vodka, orange juice and peach liqueur

951 Strawberry
Daiquiri R$22,90

strawberry, national berry and lemon juice

952 Kir Royal R$24,90
sparkling wine and cassis liqueur

953 Blue Lagoon R$19,90
national vodka, curaçao blue liqueur and lemon juice

Divino's Drink

876 D’Ulé Beach R$31,90
vodka, aperol, orange juice, curaçau red and syruo

976 Camburi R$29,90
vodka, triple sec liqueur, pineapple juice, milk cream, condensed milk and strawberry

879 Virtudes R$28,90
vodka, homemade citric vokda, cherry, hibiscus, syrup, lemon juice and lemon

885 Manguinhos R$23,90
vodka, orange liqueur, orange juice and strawberry

994 Itapuã R$22,90
national rum, mint, lemon, cassis liqueur and brown sugar

972 Meaípe R$20,90
vodka, ice, currant, condensed milk, milk cream and passion fruit

881 Itaparica R$20,90
national rum, lemon cubes, mint, pineapple juice


872 Madona R$41,90
gin tanqueray, sparkling wine, strawberry syrup and strawberry slices

895 Strawberry Gin R$39,90
gin tanqueray, strawberry syrup, strawberry slices, ice, tonic and cinnamon

873 Elderflower Gin R$37,90
gin Tanqueray, lemon juice, elderflower liqueur, rosemary and tonic

891 Apple Gin R$37,90
gin tanqueray, green apple syrup, sicilian lemon, tonic and ice

874 Afrodisiac Gin R$37,90
gin tanqueray, grapefruit, cinnamon, clove, ginger and tonic

892 Persian Gin R$35,90
gin tanqueray, lime slices, persian lime slices, ginger and mint

898 Sun & Sea R$35,90
gin taqnueray, orange juice, orange slices and hibiscus powder

875 Gin Marrasquinho R$34,90
gin Tanqueray, cherry syrup, lemon juice, ginger and tonic water

871 Pepino Gin R$34,90
gin Tanqueray, cucumber slices and tonic

99 Gin Tonic R$33,90
gin tanqueray, tonic water and sicilian lemon


Flavors: strawberry, kiwi, lemon, lime, pasion fruit, pineapple, ginger*, mint* and cinnamon*
* only for 2 flavor drinks

Caipiroska with Absolut

Caipiroska with Smirnoff

Caipirinha with Santa Isabel

Caipirinha with Seleta


Alcohol Free Drinks

354 Violet R$17,90
violet syrup, lemon juice, citrus and ice

351 Blue Sea R$17,90
curaçau blue alcohol free, pineapple juice, soda and ice

355 Summer Way R$16,90
cranberry syrup, pineapple juice, citric liqueur, soda and ice

350 Virgin Mojito R$15,90
mint, lemon juice, soda, sugar and ice

352 Pina Descolada R$15,90
pineapple juice, coconut milk, condensed milk and ice

353 Green R$13,90
green apple syrup, lemon juice, mint, sparkling water and ice